Smile smile smile
Smile smile

Outside handsome
Inside handsome
Hear it handsome
If I smile
You must be smiling
If we smiling
Everybody will effected
When everybody smiling
Whole world have no disease

No need to say a single word

Oh, pretty in inside and outside hearing this
If pretty smiling make it more pretty
Little smile to see a chubby faces
If not still I don’t resist pinching you

Oh, swing higher until to the top
Within cumulus and nimbus as friends
I’m not gorgeous or not millionaire
But then, I have one smile that is stunning

While I talk in poetry it seem that can be attractive
Hearing you’re heart without hesitate
If you afraid at first just be friends
Just seat and I buy you cup of coffee
What do you feel being watching
What do you feel being mix in descent
What do you feel being sexy but no one noticed
What do you feel being praise non stop

There you smiling showing you’re pretty teeth
Full tens marks I will give to that
People today well to be praise  
If there ego on it, you can try this…smiling

P/s: I just heard this somewhere else...and it so cute to sharing it to you all...So, always SMILE ^_^

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Thank You 4 visit ^_^

Thank You 4 visit ^_^


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