Yes!, it true...Yakiniku = d.i.y grill meat. Me, myself also couldn't believe it either o_o'  In front of me ^_^ What a great day I have. It's so delicious you know...ehmm n the smell are so nice~ This my lunch actually (4 that day).

For u're info (best part is) *grin* you can easily n freely add as much as you want it (till you full). You only pay once  on it >_<  Great right?! hehehe...the atmosphere also nice n comfortable. You guyz want a try?! 


Hi there ^_^
Did you know?
There is story from my grand2 nanny (story tale)…about RAINBOW
Went rainbow appeared there is rumor….       
“7even fairy will come down to earth to take bath at beautiful lake (end of rainbow tail). If you peek on them and take one of their cloths, you will get great prosperity in live for a year.”

Now...Now...It just a story tale from my grand2 nanny…don’t you believe it 100% it’s just for fun ^_^
But if you find once, take one on be half of me ok!!  XD 

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Blue Roses

In some cultures, blue roses traditionally signify a mystery, or attaining the impossible, or never ending quest for the impossible. [...] Blue roses also convey inner feelings of love at first sight, being enchanted by something or someone. The color blue is also traditionally associated with royal blood, and thus the blue rose can also denote regal majesty and splendor. [...] In Chinese folklore, the blue rose signifies hope against unattainable love.

I just heard this in some of my favorite fanfic blog...I just want 2 shared it to all…It just lovely phrase that I ever read ^_^ It’s not mine…

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Just bought ^^

Hi fellow...how do you do?! I'm in covary right now ^_^ Now I want to said that I just BOUGHT dvd set of Prince Of Tennis complete version *smirk* >_<  n I like it...a lot...u'll know right, I'm big fan of anime?! This anime are great n funny too ^_^ love it. More collection into my rack hehehe ^^ Actually, I got cd 4 previous one n it just over due [cheaper one] easy damage. So, I bought the real one [expensive] long lasting ne [4 moment]  ^o^  It just release in complete set  =)  enjoyed!  


“Lucky number.” Said in quietly.
      Ting! Once again Anglo being shock by lift bell. It seems he already arrives.  He continues his walking to the door that shows ‘ENTER’.
      Slowly he entering the room and peek his head inside. Suddenly, he stops, he hiding behind the wall.
    “This is a robbery! All of you here lay down. Who not listen to Rafael, he will shoot.” Said the man who claims as Rafael.
    All people there rashly do what it says coz’ Rafael holding the gun and his 2 others man targeting to them.
“Jack, go grab some bag and fulfill it with their thing inside. Only the original you take it, if fake return it. Burn covers line.” Rafael order hardly.
 Jack takes all the money and jewelry. There are some old lady are not willing to give over it.
       “Don’t! Don’t! This is only one that left from my beloved husband. But, for others you can take it.” Begging her sadly.   
Anglo at behind the wall, starts sweating a lot. How I would help here? That question keeps repeating all the time in his head.
        Arghh!!! Give it here, your beloved husband died already. He totally not knows this. Just praying for her for his good sakes. Why you want keep that stupid thing already. Just give it that damn thing here!” Jack grabs the necklace violently.  
        “You there, working here right, get up! I know that you have lots of cash money here. Open the damn safety box here, move!” Rafael pushes the manager bank harshly.
The manager follows the order directly with forces and opens up the safety box while put in the safety code. Then door open. Rafael takes all the money with a devil smile on his face. While he lax, the manager take the gun inside the safety box slowly.
       “You, ask your man to put gun down. Now!” the manager yield to Rafael while aiming the gun.
       “Oii Burn, Jack, heard that. This guy told you to drop off the weapon coz him aiming the gun on me. Hahaha! Hei! You think I’m afraid of that. Before you shoot on me, your head first will blow up. Put that damn gun down!”
Rafael turns around and face to face with the manager and aiming the shot gun on head.
      “No! I willing die then let you all go outside freely. I will shoot.” The manager is still on his action as before.
Anglo grab his fist, angered with manager coz act like to be a hero. If being shoots that would be nothing. Anglo tries to helping, but don’t know how?
       “Willing to die heh. No sweat.” Replied Rafael.
     Aaaaaaaa!!! Gun shoot surprised all of them.
    “You wait here until we finish. If any of you do something stupid I’ll shoot! Thanks me that I only shoot it on your feet not on your head. If not? Hahahaha! Today is ceremony for you guys funeral.” Yield Rafael.
Appearance of Anglo is still not being covered by others. He just looks through and afraid to take any action.

Trut trut trut, tut tut tut…

Anglo handphone is ringing. He feels uneasy about it.  It was just suddenly. A while ago he though that the battery are dead. He searches for it. It’s not inside his bag or pocket.

    Hei you!!! Since when you stand behind there? Come here!”  Jack aiming the gun on Anglo head…

      “Hey, all of you, stop playing around. Eat your lunch here.” Ask the nurse.
     “But nurse, I just want to start to join them. My little brother Jack even not realizes that I came to visit him today."Said Anglo.
       “Yeah right, really…aren’t you joint them all permanently? Be please?” nurse smirk at Anglo. She already knows him as regular visitor in the hospital. Anglo just smiling back at the nurse sweetly. He just realizes that he in Mental Hospital
to visit his brother Jack.

Hahaha….what do you thing about it? Like it?   >_<  SMILE
Sorry for any broken English here. But still you guyz understand it right?
This is my first short story I ever make it into online…it just frustrated me more ^_^ commenting from reader are welcoming n I’ll appreciate it. 

My Musics

Musics is part in our lives ^_^  It's beautiful..It's an arts..It's just transparent...I just like want 2 talk about music right know ^^. 

Music is a good thing you know...It can release our tension right?! ^^ The way it being play...can make our world cool as snow...calm as in river, hot as fire & free as bungee jumping >_<  hahaha...music was great n powerful. And it affect deeply into our life n emotion right?! *just mumbling*  ^^  sorry 'bout that...Everybody had their on music right? I love music much ^_^ Kind music that I like...ermm...I don't no, it just like the melody tune is right into my ears its ok 4 me ^^  I'm not to specific on that particular music really =) I'm free for any music that suite through my ears...How 'bout you guyz, any particular music in collection?! ^__^  I list some of my favorite here n you can judge it by seeing it =) 

muse-metalica w/orchestra-shania twain-news/kanjani8-girl generation-slow rock80'-backstreet boys-westlife-n'sync-linkin park-classical music-maroon5-Lenka-Mika-My chemical romance-Bollywood-arron kwok-etc.

Woahh~ 2 much 4 listing it O_o   So,how is it ? 2 random right?...yeah I know ^^ But, music really make my life so wonderful n cool =D

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Smile smile smile
Smile smile

Outside handsome
Inside handsome
Hear it handsome
If I smile
You must be smiling
If we smiling
Everybody will effected
When everybody smiling
Whole world have no disease

No need to say a single word

Oh, pretty in inside and outside hearing this
If pretty smiling make it more pretty
Little smile to see a chubby faces
If not still I don’t resist pinching you

Oh, swing higher until to the top
Within cumulus and nimbus as friends
I’m not gorgeous or not millionaire
But then, I have one smile that is stunning

While I talk in poetry it seem that can be attractive
Hearing you’re heart without hesitate
If you afraid at first just be friends
Just seat and I buy you cup of coffee
What do you feel being watching
What do you feel being mix in descent
What do you feel being sexy but no one noticed
What do you feel being praise non stop

There you smiling showing you’re pretty teeth
Full tens marks I will give to that
People today well to be praise  
If there ego on it, you can try this…smiling

P/s: I just heard this somewhere else...and it so cute to sharing it to you all...So, always SMILE ^_^

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