10 fact about Chocolate

Ummm~ Yummy~ I love CHOCOLATE! You all do right? ^_^ Well here are some fact that you should know about it ^^'

My BAD day!

Today is very BAD 4 me....coz' of what? Coz' of my IP address has blocked...that why!!! Arghhh~ really tension about this *anger mode* 

I got a lot thing in there...my fic...my photos n my online friends...all in there...but, I'm not worried bout' the file I restore there, coz' I got backup for that *relieve* I just worried that I might lost my online friends there *worried* There are really nice to me...I just can't loose them like that! I really like them as my online friends~ They are so valuable friends 2 me ^_^ Even I can't see them but, I can feel them...I just don't know how 2 deal with this thing *down* 

Can someone tell me how 2 fix this mess? Please? *hopping 4 the best*  

Tokyo Back 2 Normal

Fears in Tokyo over any radiation threat to the capital from the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant to the north appear to have diminished. More organizations, both Japanese and from overseas, are making clear that there is no danger outside the immediately affected areas..
Most Tokyo residents are getting back into the routine of everyday life, and focus is shifting once more from Fukushima to the plight of hundreds of thousands of people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in the northeast.

The latest news I heard is:
  • Most train services outside areas hit by the disaster are almost back to normal.
  • Airports are open and reportedly no busier than normal.
  • Tokyo Electric's rolling power outages, currently suspended
  • WHO has a guide to health concerns in the crisis

  • Power lines have been restored to cooling systems at the Fukushima plant and authorities continue to say the situation is improving.
  • Low levels of radiation have been detected in milk and spinach from areas near Fukushima, but they are insufficient to be harmful to health.
p/s: I just pray for them to be safe and continue their life with bless ^_^ n for my JE Boys, they are safe...

Special Day~

"I wish I can do anything n go everywhere n anywhere with my life..." 

Well that I really want it right now...in my dream I guess?! ^_^

Ohh! I forgot to tell you all...that I got my first trip in 2011 to a famous place around the world - Universal Studio - at Singapore...Yeay! Here some of picture I take when visit there:

p/s: Arghh~ Sorry everyone, I just can post this picture into my folder...I really forgot where I put the rest of the photo's is ^_^' 

4# Creepiest Places...

4# Winchester Mystery House

 In San Jose there is this house. It is a gigantic, sprawling 160-room complex designed like a maze, with mile-long hallways, secret passages, dead ends, doors opening to blank walls and staircases leading to the ceiling.

Must watch...

Actually I just bought this anime last week  (^_^)  This anime are awesome 2 watch it n I like it  (^^)v This 2 anime is 'Black Butler' and  'Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan'. I bought DVD version n it's so cool! 


Happy New Year! 2011 ^_^

Everyone! Happy New Year!
I hope I'm not 2 late 2 celebrate it in here ^_^ Still in the mood right?
I hope this year make my life more interesting ^_^v  

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Thank You 4 visit ^_^

Thank You 4 visit ^_^


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