My BAD day!

Today is very BAD 4 me....coz' of what? Coz' of my IP address has blocked...that why!!! Arghhh~ really tension about this *anger mode* 

I got a lot thing in photos n my online friends...all in there...but, I'm not worried bout' the file I restore there, coz' I got backup for that *relieve* I just worried that I might lost my online friends there *worried* There are really nice to me...I just can't loose them like that! I really like them as my online friends~ They are so valuable friends 2 me ^_^ Even I can't see them but, I can feel them...I just don't know how 2 deal with this thing *down* 

Can someone tell me how 2 fix this mess? Please? *hopping 4 the best*  


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Side NanG!!

Thank You 4 visit ^_^

Thank You 4 visit ^_^


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