One shiny day...Q has call her friend Z, asking about the guitar Z bought last week.

Q: Hello. How your new guitar? Already tune it?
Z: I've already throw it into the trash. It just waste my money to buy it.(anger)
Q: (shock!!) Throw away?!...are you nuts?! Why did you throw it away?
Z: Why I throw it? hmm...first, it expensive and second, it have hole in the middle of it...that's why...
Q: (shout) You idiot.


Teacher & student

In a class-subject Art:-

Teacher: Where the drawing that I ask to draw just now?
Student: I'm already done, ma'am.
Teacher: Done?! I just saw a plain paper on your desk, nothing picture on it??!!
Student: Ooo...I just draw a cow eat the grass, ma'am.
Teacher: Ohh...ok. But, where it is? I can't see it????
Student: Well, after the cow eat all the already go away, ma'am.
Teacher: ??!!


There is a doctor treat her patient that have brain cancer in critical stage. They had little conversation on it...

Patient:  Is it any hope left for me to live, doc? It's true that this sickness make people die in young age?

Doctor:  I'm 100% positive that you will  completely recovered. Don't worry.

Patient: What guarantee you have that I will recover from this illness, doc? It is true that,  people already die from same disease that I have??

Doctor: I'm pretty sure about it because...when I'm study few years ago, my professor told me that this cancer is dangerous. In ten people who inffected of this cancer only one will survive, the others dead.

Patient: But then, why I'm not dead yet?

Doctor: Because...nine people already dead from this disease, and you are in TEN position.

-Y'all get it, right?!   ^_^



It happen with mom and 4 years old son were back from school. The mom were driving calmly. Then, other car passed by mom car and mom horn it. That situation give carious from son and he ask~
Son: Mom, why you horn on it just now?
Mom: That because they are our relative, son *smiling*

The answer satisfied the son. Mom continue drive the car carefully. In few hour later, there is monkey cross over the road suddenly. Mom quite shock and she horn the car. On that action, son asking again~
Son: Mom, is that our relative too?   
Mom: ?! *speechless*


Two friends had a conversation in white room seriously and calm.

Mike: You know, who sun was is? 
Berry: Yeah?!   What about it? [curious] 
Mike: Well, sun will stay there for along time n shine his light to the world [pouting higher up 
           on his head]
Berry: You right! Why this all about suddenly?
Mike: IF, I'm the sun [he stand on the chair n smiling] I'll bright up all the place with my  
           warmness...I'll shine proudly *smile widely* 
Berry: Oh, ok?! It's great if you are the sun...glad to hear it [looking at his friend]

Suddenly Berry burst out the room n go to see the Doctor in-charge today. Gasp for the air he knock the door n entered.

Doc: Yes [looking into Berry curiously]
Berry: I want to tell you something important doc?
Doc: What is it?
Berry: I think my friends Mike today are so crazy. I think he has some where damage inside
             his brain.
Doc: Why do you think like that? Just said to u're friend to get down from the chair n realize   
         him that he is not the sun.
Berry: I can't do that [looking at doctor]
Doc: And why is that?
Berry: If I told him that, the whole place will be in dark. There will be no warm light to be 
             shine on over the place [talk in worried] 

Doc: ?!!

-I just wonder *grin*  Who's CRAZY right know?!  Hahaha  >_<

A beautiful wife accompanies her husband for medical check-up. After finishing check-up, doctor calling his wife alone in, to tell about her husband condition.  

“Well, madam, your husband got chronic disease effected by stress heavily. If you want u’re beloved husband still healthy n alive? I suggest that you follow my advised,” said doctor n continue. “Every morning, serve him with healthy breakfast. Then, attend him with most lovely touch n romantic feeling. For the lunch, give him good nutritious of food. At night, serve him with special dinner. Take care of her mood. Don’t put more pressure on him with housework problem n don’t burden him much. And madam, if you not doing those, you will lose u’re beloved husband sooner or later.”
Driving back home, husband ask to his wife, “What doctor have said to my disease?”
“You are going to die soon…”      

P/s: Oppss…bad wishes from the wife right? Unless the husband not respect his wife or cheating on her  ^_^ hehehe

Tony & Lawyer

Tony is witness of one a big crime that holds on the court right now. He looks so nervous when asking by the lawyer. With high pitch of voice, the lawyer asks him. “Aren’t you married?”

“Y-Yes, sir.” Answer Tony with shaking voice.
“How many times?” ask lawyer.
“O-Once, sir.” Tony answers honestly.
“With who?” lawyer asking again.
With some women, sir.” Said Tony.

Those answer boiling up the lawyer head. Angrily, he asks Tony…again. “Of course, you idiot… Have you ever heard people married other then a women?”  

With cool face Tony said “Yes, sir. I do. My little sister married with a man, sir.”

-Get it?! Hahaha O_o 
Missy Life

Life 1 
Missy: I'm so proud that my son now in medicine collage.
Friend: Great! What major he take?
Missy: No. He not studying there, but being a test subject in there as references for the collage.
Friend: @#$%@@@@

Life 2
Missy: Doc, every night I'm always dreaming of playing soccer.
Doc:    Ok then, take this tablet and you will sleep comfortably.
Missy: Can I take this for tomorrow, Doc?
Doc:    Why is that?
Missy: The reason is tomorrow my team will play in final, So, I must play in it, Doc.
Doc:    :-/

Life 3
Missy: Officer, my house has being rob by thief and almost empty accept my TV.
Officer: How was that happen? [curious]  
Missy: Well, while the thief entering my house, I'm watching my lovely band on TV, sir. 
Officer:  :-p

- I wonder how her life in future...hahahaha O_o 
Losing money

One day at primary school, in resting period, there is one boy sitting in the middle of courtyard crying (full of rhythm). Then, that boy has being spot by his teacher. The teacher approach to him and ask for his condition.  
Teacher: Why are you crying boy?
Boy:       I lost my money about $5! (the boy crying hardly)
Teacher: Don't cry [persuade tone]. Here I give you $5.
Even then, that boy non-stop crying n more louder (R&B tone). The teacher curiously asking the boy again.
Teacher: Why are you still crying? I've give you $5 already for replace your lost.  
Boy:       Yeah it's true then, but if I not losing it, right now I will have $10!!! 

-hahaha what a spoiler brat  ^o^

Bad News
Inside the office, the doctor try to give calmly the bad news to his patient.
Doc:     I got 2 bad news for you!
Patient: What news, doc? the good one or the worse?
Doc:     Sorry, the news I will told you all are bad one. Which one you want 2 hear first, the worse 
             or the worst.
Patient: The worse first doc [with gloomy faces].
Doc:     The worse, you only have less then 24 hours to survive.
Patient: it true doc? 
Doc:     Yes it is.
Patient: So then, what is the worst part?
Doc:     Actually, about last night, I'm being searching for you to talk about this news.....

-what the hell  >_< get the idea there?

Husband & Wife

One day they got a big fight. They not talk to each other for 2 days. For next day the husband need to work. So, the day before the husband try to communicate with his wife by sending note.

(on the note): 
                     "honey, can tomorrow morning wake me up at 6.30am? I need to go early for work." 

In the next morning, the husband wake up late for work and he found note next to him.

(on the note):
                     "my dear, wake up. It's 6.30am already!"

-muahhahaha O_o what a mess? So, don't try to mess up with u're wife >_< 




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