1.There is one cow facing to the north, and then it turns right about 180 degree, then turn again left 270 degree. So, which way the cow facing now?
-       Now, the cow still facing down while eating the grass.

     2. What the different fall from coconut tree with fall from well? 
         - Fall from coconut tree must climb up first then you fall. Fall from well need to fall first then you climb up.
     3. When elephant become chicken, and then lion become chicken and goat also become chicken. So, chicken become what?
                                         - Chicken become a lot.

4. Why teacher history bold at the back side, while professor bold at front side?
    – coz’ teacher history need to think the past, while professor think for the future. 

5. When people climb the trees, they will saw the hill. But then when turtle climb the trees what turtle saw?
    – Saw a damn liar. Coz’, turtle can’t climb the trees of course.  

6. There is farmer wish to plant 2 kinds of tree, which is rubber tree and coco tree. To full fill his wish, his plant half rubber tree and other half coco tree on his land. The question is what tree will grow into his land?
    - Both of trees not growing up coz’ he just plant half of the tree (he cut in half of the tree to be plant, not in proper way) Hehehe…  

7.  What it is, when it small walk in 4 legs, when grow up walk in 2 legs and when older walk with crosier?
-                   Human! When small (baby) walk in 4 legs, when grow up (adult) walk in 2 legs and when older (granny) walk  with crosier. 
      8. Why almost of motorcycle named YAMAHA?
          -It is because the inventor was Japanese people. If Arabic people who create it, maybe it call YAMAHMUD. 

      9. Why is Mexican cowboy when walk it bring along a guitar on his back? 
          -  Yes of course they do…if they bring a piano, it’s so huge to carry, dude!

One little boy asking his grandfather, why is the black box are the important thing to be find when a plane crash. So, the grandfather answer it “Black box is made by strong material to avoid it crash along with plane. Inside it, include voice recorder of pilot talk and video data of flight.” “So, we will know what happen before the plane crash or blow up.” After hear it, that little boy ask “I just curious, if people can create the black box which not destroy or blow up, why they not create the same material (from black box) for the plane? There will more people will save from that plane crash or blow up right?” This time the grandfather has no idea what to say to his grandson.  


There is one man only have one leg with his other hand have hook and only has one eye attending for interview of being pirates.
Interviewer: How do you maim your leg?
The man: I got from World War II, sir.
Interviewer: Why your hand has hook on it?
The man: Accidently cutting with big knife.
Interviewer: And your eye?
The man: One day it’s raining and look strait on the sky, then, there is bird flew above me and drop some shit on my eye.
Interviewer: Is that why you got lost one of your eyes?
The man: No it isn’t. My eye lost after I swap it with my hook.    


There is one beauty nurse complaint to her doctor. Every time she check pulse on patient (man), it show that their pulse unstable and sometimes in critical way.

Nurse: I’m curious doc, every time I checking pulse from them, it being hard and faster.
Doc:    It’s small matter… just close their eye and make sure they not even know who treat them. 


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