I heard this from my friends that came back from US for study a long time ago. He go for study in US university. He just walk around the town there and buy some souvenir for his family. Then, came a guy just to be nice to the tourist and he ask him.   
Guy: Hello. How are U?
Friends: Hi, fine thak U.
Guy: Where are U from?
Friends: Oh, I'm from Malaysia *proudly said*
Guy : Uhmm..where it this place? Aren't U still live in the tree house?!
Friends: Eh...umm yeah and we have a lift to enter our house...*smile* 
Guy: *imagine* Ohhh, I see. Have a nice talk with U. Bye. *impressive faces*
Friends: Bye *smirk*
From this story what are U guyz  thinking? It is a true story, story for along time ago. I think in year 1991. I guess ^_^  And my friend are totally  naughty in this conversation. I just laugh after heard it. 

p/s: there is no point to harm others...just friends talk.


My craziness

Hi I want talk 'bout my craziness on JPOP entertainment ^_^ this day!!!

I'm a BIG fans of Jhonny's Groups...I already have bunch of video about them. It so hilarious and lot of pretty faces that I can stare on it ^_^ be more specific I'm fans of Kanjani8 and NewS XD To whom who know this group..they probably will know, why I like it both XXD well...
When I'm in pressure or depress, they will make my life calm n colorful. Really a good medicine...From them I try to learn or understands their language(Japanese) [know little]...such a big influent right?! hehehe *blush* They are to be truth to be an idol...It's start when one of my friend show me one of their vid clip...I'm not fall in love in first side take a year to fall in love with it : ) My friend like one of them n spot it to me (wonder?!) then, I search for it why she like much 'bout it hmm ^_^' then I found out the link and...OMG >_< I get crush on it XD (well it girl stuff) XXD ...until now I'm still craziness 'bout them ^_^

p/s:...don't get mad on me if I'm bias ; P ~enjoy~

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Sakura Girl

This vid have a nice melody ^_^ I like to hear it...again and again...

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Before & After

This is my's so delicious ^_^ I eat it at my home SPICY yummy...

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Glowing trees!!

This place call I-CITY ^_^
Great atmosphere with beautiful eye catching...
I visit this place about midnight..a lot of people came here...nice right?! All the trees are glowing in the it ^_^

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Thank You 4 visit ^_^

Thank You 4 visit ^_^


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