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Musics is part in our lives ^_^  It's beautiful..It's an arts..It's just transparent...I just like want 2 talk about music right know ^^. 

Music is a good thing you know...It can release our tension right?! ^^ The way it being play...can make our world cool as snow...calm as in river, hot as fire & free as bungee jumping >_< was great n powerful. And it affect deeply into our life n emotion right?! *just mumbling*  ^^  sorry 'bout that...Everybody had their on music right? I love music much ^_^ Kind music that I like...ermm...I don't no, it just like the melody tune is right into my ears its ok 4 me ^^  I'm not to specific on that particular music really =) I'm free for any music that suite through my ears...How 'bout you guyz, any particular music in collection?! ^__^  I list some of my favorite here n you can judge it by seeing it =) 

muse-metalica w/orchestra-shania twain-news/kanjani8-girl generation-slow rock80'-backstreet boys-westlife-n'sync-linkin park-classical music-maroon5-Lenka-Mika-My chemical romance-Bollywood-arron kwok-etc.

Woahh~ 2 much 4 listing it O_o   So,how is it ? 2 random right?...yeah I know ^^ But, music really make my life so wonderful n cool =D

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Thank You 4 visit ^_^

Thank You 4 visit ^_^


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